Saturday, January 19, 2019

Happy Dads and Their Kids

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Not an easy task to be a real father. Especially for those who are faced with this for the first time. Young dads do...

Unusual and Beautiful Birds of the World

beautiful-birds- (15)
There are almost 10,000 bird species flying the skies, roaming the lands, and diving the waters of our planet. Some of them are pretty...

Beautiful Spring Photos

spring-photos-01 (7)
Spring is an amazing season. It brings nature back to life. The best thing to shoot within springtime is the wide range of beautiful...

Lovely Mother and Daughter Pictures

mother-and-daughter-pictures- (9)
Many girls dream of a daughter who will be dressing up in beautiful dresses, braid pigtails, swirl together in front of a mirror furnace...

Wildlife Photography By Nicholas

wildlife-photography-by-nicholas- (1)
Russian photographer animal painter Nikolai Zinoviev can, days, even weeks, in any weather and in spite of the danger, "to sit" only one good...

International Snow and Ice Festival in Harbin

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January 5, 2015 in the Chinese city of Harbin opened the 31st largest international festival of snow and ice. Thousands of artists from around...

Art on Dirty Cars

Artist Scott Wade chose a very unusual field for their work. Instead of canvas or walls of buildings he chose. Dirty car! Scott believes...

Julia Most Flexible Woman in the World

flexible-woman-julia- (9)
We first told you about this unique girl, 4 years ago, when she was struck by all its flexibility and fit in a box...

Amazing Sculptures From Snow

snow-sculptures- (20)
Some people complain about the snow and mountains of snow on the street. It is difficult to walk, have to rescue the car out...


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Rainbow Hair Dye


rainbow-hair-dye- (2)

Rainbow Hair Dye